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Production & Sustainability 

Sustainability is very important to me. With every item in my wardrobe, including my accessories, I want to make sure each piece is ethical to both the people involved in the creation process as well as to this world. One of the reasons why I work with Stilnest is because they don’t believe in mass-producing within the jewelry industry. Instead of ordering big batches, each item is made-to-order. So no resources or precious metals are being used without a clear purpose. Our production happens locally in the South of Germany in a family-owned business. Once your order has been placed our production starts the process of creating your very own, unique jewelry piece. Your jewelry gets created using various techniques such as 3D printing and casting. After this, the pieces are taken in by our trained goldsmiths and get hand-finished. This ensures the finest quality and makes each and every piece unique in its own right. The last step is to add a protective layer of rhodium. After this journey, your new jewelry piece will make its way to you.


My jewelry collection is full of beautiful lifetime pieces. We use three different materials which means we offer three options for you to choose from. There is something for every budget. All my designs are available in solid 14-karat gold, 925-sterling silver, and 24-karat recycled gold vermeil.  To ensure that our precious metals are sourced ethically, we only work with partners that are a part of the Responsible Jewelry Council. The Responsible Jewelry Council makes sure that all the metals we use in no way support any wars or unfair businesses. We are proud to say that we contribute to a more sustainable and ethical environment within the jewelry industry. Our silver gets sourced from conflict free-zones. Primary gold from mines is never accepted. The fine gold that we use is recycled and comes from varies industries such as the jewelry and watches industry. They give this gold a new life by recycling the material and using it for new pieces like yours. This does not in any way hurt the quality but makes it a lot more eco-friendly. We use is secondary silver. As of right now, we cannot claim that our silver is recycled. When your jewelry gets made secondary and recycled silver gets mixed, but the percentages of recycled silver can vary depending on availability and the batch. Therefore, we don’t feel comfortable promoting our jewelry as made from recycled silver. We are currently doing incentive research into finding ways to optimize this process and work towards more sustainability. For our silver pieces, we use Rhodium to plate them to ensure that the jewelry becomes more water and scratch-resistant. Rhodium is a very safe option and considered food-safe.

Our Carbon Footprint 

Right now Stilnest is working on decreasing their carbon footprint. We aren’t perfect, but we are trying and will continue to work on this. Since we produce only on-demand we ship directly from our local production to our customers. Our production house and our fulfilment center are in the same town and everything gets from production to fulfilment in big batches. The recycled gold that we use comes from Belgium, a neighbouring country which also means that the journey the gold goes on to get to our production partners, is relatively short.. We are currently shipping all orders with DHL and Deutsche Post. They also are working on a mission to go as green as possible. You can read more about this on their website.

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