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There are various different precious materials that get used in the production of jewelry. Because the goal of my jewelry collection is to be something you can wear for a lifetime, we only use fine gold and 925-sterling silver. These are all nickel-free and so allergy safe. 

Fine Gold

For my solid gold pieces, we use 14-karat gold. The reason why we don’t use 24-karat is that gold is an exceptionally soft material. Having a jewelry piece made from 24-karat would mean that the piece can damage and deform extremely easily. 14-karat is still very valuable and a lot more durable. 

Gold Vermeil

Because solid gold pieces can be a big investment I decided to also include the option to purchase gold plated pieces. This plating is very thick and so is also called vermeil. Your piece will be cast in 925-sterling silver and plated with an extra thick layer of 24-karat gold. Because the piece is not entirely made out of gold we can use 24-karat gold which means there is a value of 99.9% fine gold used for your piece. Because your piece is not solid gold but plated it can happen that after years of wear the plating rubs off in one spot. Stilnest is more than happy to help with this and offers a re-plating service for a small fee. 

Make it last: how to care for your jewelry

We want to make sure that your jewelry stays looking new and shiny for as long as possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

- Do not wear your jewelry while showering, bathing or swimming. Shower gels/shampoos, chlorine, and saltwater will damage the precious metals.

- Some of our stones are glued. Contact with water can cause the glue to peel off and the stone to fall out.

- Avoid contact with creams, hair sprays, perfumes, and make-up. 

-Take off the piece of jewelry before going to sleep. Sweat can make the jewelry tarnish faster. This also means taking the jewelry piece of when doing sports. 

- Silver is by nature a very soft material. To avoid scratching too fast and rubbing off the plating, keep it away from hard surfaces and objects. For example, remove the jewelry from handicrafts and always store it individually and not with other jewelry, as this can damage each other.

- Always keep the jewelry dry (e.g. do not store it in the bathroom, etc.). For daily storage, we recommend our included jewelry box. If you take off your piece of jewelry for a longer period of time, it is recommended to store this airtight. You can do this for example by using a ziplock bag.

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