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Ordering & Cancellation

What does “made-to-order” mean?

Made-to-order means that we produce our fine jewelry made-to-order in Germany in 16-18 working days* - which means just for you! We don’t mass produce to keep our use of resources to a minimum.
*The seasonal lead time on the product page applies.

I already paid but haven’t received a shipping update - what’s happening?

We produce made-to-order, just for you. Therefore, we need 16-18 business days* for production! Once your pieces got hand-finished by our goldsmiths and are ready to ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking link.
*The seasonal lead time on the product page applies.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Please contact customer care, for example via care@stilnest.com or the little chat icon. Excluded from cancellations are engravable and personalized pieces. Gift cards can be returned for shop value, not cash payment. Partial cancellations cannot be done - you can, however, return the pieces after receipt. If you’re not sure, ask us!

Can I change my order regarding selected size, material or item?

It depends. We will try our best - send us a quick message via care@stilnest.com.

Can I change my email or shipping address?

Yes. Send us a quick message via care@stilnest.com.

How can I pay?

You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal so that you can securely order your new product knowing that you are protected when you purchase.


Do you ship to ... ?

Yes, most likely! We ship worldwide with a few exceptions.

How much is shipping?

It’s free for orders above 100$/€/£! For orders below, shipping to the UK is £4.40, to EU countries €4.40, to Germany €3.90 and to countries outside of the EU $4.90.

How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping to Germany takes 2-4 business days, it takes about 3-4 business days to Austria, about 4-6 business days to the UK, about 8 days to the US and Australia and about three weeks to other countries - if everything goes smoothly! 

Express shipping takes 2-4 business days worldwide.

In busier times, shipping duration can vary and delays on the courier and connection courier ends (DHL, German Post, Royal Mail, USPS etc.) can happen. Although we do our best, we can therefore not guarantee our minimum shipping estimates. 

Keep in mind that shipping times add to the production time of your order (16-18 business days* for jewelry). The seasonal lead time on the product page applies.
*The seasonal lead time on the product page applies.

How can I track my shipment?

With the tracking link, we sent you via the email address you ordered under. Our shipping carriers are DHL within Germany and to Austria, German Post internationally. UK orders are trackable on Royal Mail, US orders on USPS and Swiss orders on Die Post.

Do you offer Express Shipping?

Yes! But please keep in mind: Express shipping will speed up the shipping, not production times. Here’s an overview of the FedEx shipping costs:
Countries under 150 EUR/185 USD/130 GBP

Europe - 15.90 EUR / 17.90 USD / 14.40 GBP

USA and Canada - 15.90 EUR / 17.90 USD / 14.40 GBP

South Africa - 23.90 EUR / 26.90 USD / 20.00 GBP

Rest of the world - 21.90 EUR / 24.90 USD / 18.90 GBP

* Express shipping takes 2-4 business days worldwide.

I think my parcel is lost

Let us double-check for you! Shoot a message to care@stilnest.com or the chat icon.

Will I be charged taxes?

It depends. Orders are tax-free within the EU. FedEx orders will be delivered without having to pay taxes. Swiss orders shipped with FedEx are tax-free as well. Order to the US (order value above 1000 USD) and Canada (depending on which state you're living in, you have to pay a local import tax, directly invoiced by the Canadian Post. This means roughly 5%, and it might include a handling fee by Canadian Post) can be charged taxes. For the mentioned exceptions, your local post carrier will charge you the import tax.

Returns & exchanges

Can I return my order?

Of course! You have a 14-day right to return your order. We provide German and Austrian orders with a return label, international customers cover the return costs themselves (about 8 GBP from the UK). 

Excluded from returns are engravable and personalized pieces. If you’re not sure, ask us (care@stilnest.com).

Important: Please clearly state the senders and recipient address on the parcel. In case of overseas returns, please provide your parcel with a customs declaration (HS code 711311 + description of items) on the outside of your package. Further details for non-EU returns, you can find on the returns form.

How do I exchange an item?

Message us at care@stilnest.com or via chat if you wish to exchange your item.

I received a wrong item.

We will sort that out for you as soon as possible! Message us at care@stilnest.com or via chat, and we’ll get right on it


What’s my ring size?

You can find out your ring size like so:

- Either find a ring you already love and wear and measure its inside diameter
- Or cut a strip of paper, wrap it around your finger and mark where the paper meets. Now measure the distance between your markings to get your finger circumference
- Use the conversion chart to find your size

Conversion chart for international sizing

XXS - DE 44 - US/ CA 3 - UK/ AU F - CH/ IT/ SP/ NL 4 - Inside diameter 14 mm/ 0.55 in - Finger circumference 44 mm/ 1.73 in
XS - DE 49 - US/ CA 5 - UK/ AU J-½ - CH/ IT/ SP/ NL 9 - Inside diameter 15.6 mm/ 0.61 in - Finger circumference 50.3 mm/ 1.93 in
S - DE 52 - US/ CA 6 - UK/ AU L-½ - CH/ IT/ SP/ NL 11 ½ - Inside diameter 16.6 mm/ 0.65 in - Finger circumference 51.8 mm/ 2.03 in
M - DE 56 - US/ CA 7.5 - UK/ AU P - CH/ IT/ SP/ NL 15 ¼ - Inside diameter 17.8 mm/ 0.7 in - Finger circumference 56.5 mm/ 2.22 in
L - DE 60 - US/ CA 9 - UK/ AU S - CH/ IT/ SP/ NL 19 - Inside diameter 19.1 mm/ 0.75 in - Finger circumference 60.3 mm/ 2.37 in
XL - DE 64 - US/ CA 10 3/4 - UK/ AU V 1/4 - CH/ IT/ SP/ NL 23 3/8 - Inside diameter 20.4 mm/ 0.8 in - Finger circumference 64.2 mm/ 2.52 in

Choker - 32cm + 8cm - 12,60 inches + 31,5 inches
S - 45 cm - 17,72 inches
M - 60 cm - 23,62 inches 
L - 80 cm - 31,50 inches 


One size - O-rings at 15cm (5.9in), 17cm (6.7in) and 19cm (7.5in)

Care & repair

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We repair all manufacturing faults within two years after purchase. If the damage is due to normal wear and tear or mishandling - we’ve got you covered as well with our repair service. Send us a quick email via care@stilnest.com, and we’ll get right on it.

Jewelry care tips

We want our jewelry to be a long-time ally of yours! Therefore, we suggest you to follow the following care tips to keep your jewelry pretty for a lifetime!

How to care for your jewelry:

- Store in a jewelry box separately to avoid scratching and tangling and keep dry

- Carefully put it on last in your dressing routine

- Take it off first in your evening routine

What to avoid:

- Don’t wear when showering, washing hands, swimming

- Don’t wear when exercising

- Don’t wear when sleeping

- Don’t wear when cleaning and getting in contact with chemicals

- Don’t get in contact with perfume, lotion, cosmetics

Why do I need to follow care tips for high quality jewelry

Gold and Silver are organic materials. If the plating rubs off after years of wear or a scratch breaks your heart for perfection – remember, it's natural. Take care of what you love and increase the lifetime of your fine jewelry.

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