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This collection gives you an opportunity to cherish the ones you love and carry a piece of them with you.

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Production & Sustainability

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Use Less Jewelry is made-to-order locally in the South of Germany in a family-owned business. For the jewelry, we use a mix of silver sourced from conflict-free zones and recycled silver. The gold we use is recycled from the jewelry and watch industry. To ensure that our precious metals are sourced ethically, we only work with partners that are a part of the Responsible Jewelry Council. Since we produce only on-demand we ship directly from our local production to our customers.

Our Carbon footprint

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Right now we are working on decreasing our carbon footprint. We produce only on-demand we ship directly from our local production to our customers. Everything we produce gets in big batches from production to fulfillment which are located in the same city. The recycled gold that we use comes from Belgium, we ship all orders with DHL and Deutsche Post. They also are working on a mission to go as green as possible. You can read more about this on their website.

Our Materials

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925 Silver

All our 925 Silver jewelry is rhodium-plated to make it more durable. The extra layer of rhodium gives our jewelry its special silver-white shine. Rhodium is considered the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world – well above gold or silver.

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil pieces are 925 silver, plated with gold, and meet fine quality standards. Vermeil jewelry requires at least 10-karat gold with a thickness of 1.5 microns. We use recycled 24-karat, the purest gold available, with a thickness of 2.5-5 microns, because we want to make it last.

14k Gold

Our goldsmiths use only recycled 14-karat gold for our jewelry. The higher the number of karats, the purer the gold. But purer is not always better. 24-karat gold is exceptionally soft, while our 14-karat gold is still very valuable and a lot more durable..


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